Dax was born and raised in Utah where he spent all of his time either exploring the great outdoors or causing trouble indoors. He has a passion for learning new things and enjoys expanding his knowledge of all things design, materials, and manufacturing. He graduated from Brigham Young University majoring in Industrial Design with a minor in Family Life. Since graduating his career has focused primarily on furniture and material design. He currently works as a designer for the industry leading, architectural materials manufacture 3form in Salt Lake City, Utah. In his free time Dax enjoys woodworking, solving puzzles, and sometimes even learning how to code so he can continue to improve his website.

Design Philosophies

⚹ Learn about things because you want to.
⚹ Art is self expression. Design is problem solving. You can do both.
⚹ Over-design and then simplify.
⚹ You may or may not be your user. Understand the difference.
⚹ Don’t guess. Do the research.
⚹ Just get started.
⚹ Don't think outside the box. Understand the box.
⚹ Understand manufacturing processes and design with them in mind.
⚹ Good design communicates itself wihtout an explanation.
⚹ Continually develop and grow a form vocabulary.
⚹ Help and be helped by others.
⚹ Accept ALL feedback. Do not apply ALL feedback
⚹ Critique designs, not people.
⚹ If you feel like you can do something better, do it.
⚹ It's never too late to start over, unless it's too late to start over.

Photo taken by Lexi Woodruff